Student Standing Program is updated according to the rules specified at https://oidb.metu.edu.tr/en/academic-rules-and-regulations website. Students standings are updated every 15 minutes at Interactive Registration and Add-Drop Period. If you think that your student status information or grade is inaccurate, you can contact your program advisor at the Student Affairs (https://oidb.metu.edu.tr/en/personnel-contact-information) after reviewing the relevant regulations.

Guest Entrance
Entrance of students' guests (first degree relatives, mother-father-brother-sister-wife/husband) to METU campus with vehicle are only allowed through A-7 gate with 'Visitor Card' on condition that in return of their id card and in company with the student. Parents enter or exit the campus frequently or everyday should buy 'Visitor 2 Vehicle Stamp' in order to pass all gates.

ID Cards
'Giving ID cards to other people for campus entrance or using other people's ID cards' are taking the first place among disciplinary investigations conducted in our university. Every year, considerable amount of students are investigated for this reason and they are punished. Disciplinary punishments are affecting the process of entering a job, having an academic career etc. negatively after graduation. Our students generally display such behaviors for friendly purposes (to show around the campus to their friends who come outside METU), but they cannot predict the consequences of these behaviors and take seriously this situation. It is seen that they recognize these behaviors as a disciplinary action only after the investigation is opened; they regret and feel sorry. Dear students, please read the disciplinary regulations provided at the link below, definitely. http://www.yok.gov.tr/web/guest/icerik/-/journal_content/56_INSTANCE_rsRqRmHtxKK6/10279/17960 Do not give your ID cards to other people for purposes like campus entrance. Obtain 'visitor card' from campus gates for your guests.

ID Photo
The photo you have in the Smart Card and the photo in IT systems should be the same due to the administrative decision taken by our university. For this reason, it is not possible to change your photo through IT systems. Users who do not have a photo stored in the system or who want to change their photo can apply for a new smart card via "223 Smart Card Application Program". Your photo in IT systems will be automatically updated when your smart card application is approved.

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